A look back...

The 20th Century lies behind us.
An important era of history has ended. At the same time it is a chance to look back to the past one hundred years. Never before have the social and economic conditions changed so fast like during this period of time, never have technical progress and political changes gone so rapidly.

A unique Century.
Hundred Years, like they could hardly be more contradictary. A period, where horrible wars and crimes were comitted, a time, where the human race was standing on the brink of its extinction. But also an era, where for the first time the hope was born, that war, hunger and misery could soon be a thing of the past. The vision of a just world for all humans.

As time goes by, memories remain.
A saying goes: "One must know about the past, to know where one stands and where the journey goes." Especially at the end of such an important century like the one which has passed the memory on this era must be kept vivid. Therefore you will find a variety of documents and information.

Witnesses of the Century - your memories count!
A major part of this project is dedicated to the memories of people who have experienced and moved the century. They give a personal impression from the events of this time and save a living piece of history for future generations. Your impressions may become an important part, too: Send us your personal reflections!

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