...on the 20th Century...

The success of this research project depends a lot on you. As a witness of our times you could make an important contribution - even anonymously.

Any record counts! Please send us your thoughts and memories on the past century. The more your impressions are dating back, and the deeper your experiences are, the more valuable they would be for the following generation.

Maybe some memories become vivid once you walk  through the 20th century again. Therefore just use the information offered on this site. Give yourself time - there is no "closing date".

...a handful of questions to inspire you:

Maybe there are some details or anecdotes which especially represent a moment of history.

You may share your thoughts with us at any time, by email, fax or letter. Photos and documents from the 20th century are welcome, too. If you wish so, we do not publish your name or personal data. Anonymous record which are meant for research only are also very welcome.

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